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(save-the-date) Saturday, December 7th, 2024

Parade line-up & staging information is ready!  

(look for edits and updates on PMSA's Facebook or website). Please reach out if you have questions.

  • Group A, 3:30pm staging
  • Group B, 4:10pm staging 
  • Group C, 4:30pm staging

The Puyallup Santa Parade takes place in downtown Puyallup on the first Saturday in December starting at 5:00pm. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Your Puyallup Parade Day Information

Please do not throw candy from your parade vehicle. You can hand it out along the parade route. We do not want to risk having small children getting hurt. Doing so could prevent you from being able to participate in future years. 

Parade Lineup (closed for 2023)

The Puyallup Santa Parade lineup is below. Click the links below to find your group's staging area and order number. All entries have been divided into three groups.

  • First unit will cross starting line promptly at 5pm.
  • Last parade unit should cross starting line by 6:00pm
  • It takes about 20 minutes for a unit to travel the entire route.
  • Group A – first one third of parade. You need to arrive in your assigned staging areas by 3:30 pm
  • Group B – middle of parade. You need to arrive in your assigned staging areas by 4:10 pm
  • Group C – last one third of parade. You need to arrive in your assigned staging areas by 4:30 pm.

STAGING AREAS:  When you arrive, Kiwanis volunteers in orange vests will help you find your exact staging area. If you are NOT assigned to stage on Meridian, you must arrive in your staging area without using Meridian. Arrive from the south, east or west, not from the north.

Meridian Staging:  (between Stewart Ave and Main Avenue) is reserved for oversize vehicles such as floats and semi trucks. If you are not assigned to stage on Meridian, avoid this very congested roadway.

East Main Avenue Staging: (Near Charlie’s Restaurant and Milo Locksmith). Participants should park on a street or in a parking lot east of Meridian. Limited parking may be available in the old Cornforth Campbell parking lot, but most of this lot is used for parade staging. Most participants in this staging area will be coming to Puyallup after appearing in the Sumner parade. Travel from Sumner to Puyallup via East Main Avenue. Turn left on 5th Street SE (Powerhouse Restaurant). Cross the railroad tracks. Turn right onto Spring Street SE. This short road is between the Meeker Mansion and the railroad tracks.  Support vehicles that transport people between cities – but will not appear in the parade should park along Spring Street near the Meeker Mansion.

West Main Avenue Staging: between Meridian and 5th Street SW area contains most parade units where there is a combination of vehicles and pedestrians. Participants are encouraged to gather at some site far from the parade route and then arrive as a group. Many participants find a place to gather near Puyallup High or near the Fairgrounds. Be aware, there are two high school football championship games being played at Sparks Stadium on Saturday. The Fair RED parking lot might be full on this day

Sound Transit Lot Staging:  Located between Meridian & 5th Street SW SOUTH of the railroad tracks is reserved for staging units that contain no motorized units. Wagons and bicycles are acceptable in this area. Most drivers should be able to find parking space in the Sound Transit lot. You MUST arrive from the west. Do not plan on using Meridian or crossing Meridian to reach this location.

Puyallup High School Staging: Located near the swimming pool is the staging area for car clubs and other units that include no walking participants. Here you assemble. You will be escorted to West Main as a group just prior to your time to begin the parade.

Parade Entries by Order (closed for 2023)

Parade Staging Instructions (closed for 2023)

If you have any questions regarding the staging order, please contact the Parade Committee at and we can help!


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