Puyallup Main Street has a coordinated strategy to renew our downtown and rejuvenate our community spirit and pride. Our “Main Street” approach draws from the experience of thousands of towns across the United States, towns like ours that are striving to revitalize the heart of their community. Developed under the auspices of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the “Main Street” approach is incremental, taking the time needed to attack the underlying causes of economic deterioration in the central business district while rebuilding a positive, coordinated image of the downtown. It is a community-based program, drawing on the talent, passion, and resources of the local businesses, residents, and municipal government to restructure and nurture a vibrant downtown that draws people to do business, shop, dine and recreate.

We involve volunteers from throughout the community and represent the voice of the downtown Puyallup business community to City Hall. We work with residents, businesses, and government at all levels to bring renewed activity, vitality, and pride to downtown Puyallup. With help from citizens, property owners, business owners and the City of Puyallup, the Puyallup Main Street Association is the focal point for the downtown Puyallup revitalization effort.
Like Main Street programs all over the U.S., Puyallup Main Street committees concentrate on four areas simultaneously:

Economic Vitality

The job of our Economic Vitality Committee is to identify new market opportunities for our downtown business district, find new uses for historic commercial buildings, and stimulate investment in property. The Economic Vitality Committee develops a thorough understanding of the district’s economic condition and its best opportunities, focusing on incremental changes that gradually improve downtown Puyallup’s economic foundation and make large-scale investment possible.

The Economic Vitality Committee’s five major responsibilities are:

  • Learning about downtown Puyallup’s current economic condition and identifying opportunities for market growth;
  • Strengthening existing businesses and recruiting new ones;
  • Finding new economic uses for available Main Street buildings;
  • Developing financial incentives and capital for building rehabilitation and business development; and
  • Monitoring the economic performance of downtown.

Our Design Committee plays a key role in shaping the physical image of downtown Puyallup as a place attractive to shoppers, investors, business owners, and visitors. To succeed, the committee persuades independent business and property owners and civic leaders to adopt a specific approach—and an ambitious agenda—for physical improvements to buildings, businesses and public improvements by:

  • Educating others about good design— enhancing the image of each business as well as that of the downtown;
  • Providing good design advice— encouraging quality improvements to private properties and public spaces;
  • Advocating for downtown Puyallup’s development— guiding future growth and helping regulations; and
  • Motivating others to make changes— creating incentives and targeting key projects.

The Design Committee meets on the third Friday of each month, 8:00 A.M. at Elements.


The job of our Promotions Committee is to PROMOTE downtown Puyallup as the center of commerce, culture, and community life for our residents and visitors alike. We strive to move beyond the typical “tried-and-true” downtown promotion ideas of yesteryear. We think about promotion in a broader sense and develop new strategies by:

  • Understanding the changing market— both potential shoppers and our “competition”;
  • Identifying downtown assets —including people, buildings, heritage, and institutions;
  • Defining downtown Puyallup’s market niche — its unique “position” in the marketplace; and finally
  • Creating NEW image campaigns, retail promotions, and special events to lure people back downtown.

Our Organization (Finance) Committee plays a key role in keeping the board, committees, staff, and work programs in good shape by attracting people and money to our organization. This committee takes responsibility for managing the financial and logistical aspects of the Association by:

  • Raising money — for projects and administration, from donations and sponsorships;
  • Managing staff and volunteers — by recruiting people, supervising them, and rewarding good work;
  • Promoting the program — to downtown interests and the public;
  • Managing finances — by developing good accounting procedures.

The Finance Committee meets the second Thursday each month at 1:00 PM at the PMSA office.