2019 Volunteer of the Year: Chris Taylor

Each year, Puyallup Main Street Association honors one of our volunteers as the Volunteer of the Year.  Over the years we have recognized such distinguished community members as Rich Guzman, Wendy MacGregor, and Larry Bargmeyer.

At our recent annual meeting, we recognized Chris Taylor.  Chris is a retired Tacoma Police Officer.  While with the Tacoma Police Department, he was one of the primary planners for the Bacon Bowl.  Since retirement, Chris has served on the Puyallup Food Bank board of directors, is a member of the Daffodil Valley Kiwanis Club, and is involved in the Saturday Senior Meal Program.  He began serving on our board in 2019.

Since joining our board, Chris has been involved in many projects.  He serves on the Design Committee, he helped coordinate our annual Spring Community Clean Up, staffed our booth at The Spring Fair, volunteered for Meeker Days and has basically shown up for anything that we have needed him for.  We could use a few more Chris Taylors in our world.

If you attended our annual meeting, you would’ve noticed that the room was decorated in daffodils.  The daffodils were inspired by Chris’s dedication this past fall.  Chris, with a few other dedicated volunteers, planted – by hand – 1500 daffodil bulbs in our downtown core.  So, when you are walking the streets of downtown Puyallup, stop and smell the daffodils and say a thank you to Chris Taylor.