Some News and We Pose the Question, What Would YOU Like to See Featured on Our Blog?


Wispy grey clouds have begun to make their appearance reminding us that the summer months are coming to a close. And though our initial reaction may be to pout and mourn we must keep in mind that the fall and winter months show no signs of bringing the buzz of our creative community culture to a halt around these parts!

In the immediate future we have the Washington State Fair to look forward to! Aromas of cotton candy and corn dogs wafting through the air giving us opportunity to reminisce of childhood pleasures, shop like nobody’s business, nosh on nibbles only found at the fair, rock out to our favorite national music act and feel the wind through our hair on carnival rides! You can score a pair of tickets to the fair accompanied by a catered lunch from Longhorn BBQ right here in our office for a measely $20! See more details on our event calendar

Also on the horizon is our annual Art & Wine Walk on October 5th. Host sites have been confirmed and new information is still coming in with regards to what wines and artists will be making an appearance. This annual event invites attendees to peruse our shops and eateries while enjoying perfect wine and food pairings along the way. To pre-purchase tickets and see more details visit:

We intend on keeping PMSA members and Puyallup residents up to date on events, news and more right here on our blog and encourage an open dialogue.

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