Galley Three Art Center

Galley Three is evolving into a center for art events in Puyallup.

Sponsored by Valley Arts United, we promote the art events in the community.  We have several new artists who will be featured in upcoming events.  The co-op gallery has 18 artists who display a wide variety of visual arts, including watercolor, pastel, mixed media, acrylic, sculpture, fabric, silk scarves, several types of jewelry, glass, and pottery.

We are  working with the Northwest Sinfionetta when they perform in Puyallup on Sunday afternoons. We will provide “after the concert” wine events on March 18, April 29, and June 3.

We will expand our hours to correspond with the weekend Farmer’s Market in April through September.  “Random Acts of Art”  projects are set up in front of the gallery with activities for visitors, young and old, to make an art piece to take home.  Valley Arts United helps provide volunteers for these activities.

Our new artists featured this month are:
Kimberlee Wilson  who produces jewelry, home and garden decor items using glass, concrete and metal, integrated with natural and organic materials.  She designs and handcrafts each  piece in her studio in Enumclaw.  Each item includes her “signature of a 24k gold dragonfly decal fused into the glass.

“Cash” Curtis Ashby is a young  multi-media artist who lives and works just outside Tacoma.  His designs, illustrations, and paintings have been featured on numerous posters and T-Shirts.  He uses spray paint, acrylic, charcoal and oil pastels on canvas, paper, and wood.  His paintings reflect the textures of the city, as well as the colors and spontaneity found in nature.

Terry Slaton is a stone sculptor who doesn’t  sculpt definable subjects. There maybe a suggestion of an animal or figure, but “non-representational” forms are presented in pleasant-looking shapes. The twisty forms of a popular ‘Screensaver’ are the basis for several of his pieces.  Terry enjoys the challenges presented by the various stones and the potential sculptures imagined from images in his past.

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