Farmers’ Market In Full Swing!

If you haven’t been to market in a while you’re missing out! We’ve got fresh local produce that will surely impress you. Strawberries are nearly done, but still available. Raspberries have started, as have the blackberries, loganberries and even blueberries. Add in fresh local Washington cherries, zucchini, bok choy, carrots, cucumbers, spring onions, lettuce, herbs, garlic, asparagus and peas and you’ve got everything to go along with the fresh crab or oysters, pasture-raised pork and beef, or even fresh fish for dinner this weekend. All local, all fresh and mostly pesticide and herbicide free!


As if this wasn’t enough to encourage your attendance at market we also have many wonderful artisans, specialty food vendors and wonderful treats to eat while you wander through a beautiful historic park in downtown Puyallup. Come see why we’re so fresh and so green this weekend!

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